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Hell No, Peter Ellenstein has a Blog? Now we're in trouble.

So, since I am known to be a long-winded bastard with much to say to those who rarely want to hear it (or at least not at the time), I thought I'd write it down instead, so it could be read at leasure. I'm going to talk about theatre, art, education, politics, society, relationships, life and how they seem to fit, or not fit, together. I will occasionally post a longer piece that I have written on a subject or trend. I will steal liberally from everyone I've ever met or read or seen and attribute the ideas and quotes whenever I am able to find or remember them. I deeply apologize ahead of time for anyone's idea or quote that I don't properly credit, and I'll fix it as soon as know about it. I am opinionated, and occasionally write with a passion and intemperance. But hopefully if I am too rash, my apology will be accepted later. I don't think any friends or enemies would ever accuse me of being mean. I am an optimist. A sometimes angry optimist, who is frustrated that the world (and the people in it) doesn't improve fast enough. I don't expect anyone to actually follow what I write, but every once in a great while, I do come up with a good idea. When I do, I'll try to spread it around elsewhere and get it out. People tend to accept ideas from more moderate individuals than myself. Us gadflys have to be satisfied with our valuable role. As the writer Lee Wochner once said to me, when I complained that I didn't know some of the politics happening on a Board we both sat on, "Peter! You can't be an outsider and an insider at the same time." He was right. So, I'm mostly an outsider who tries to temper his impatience to work with the insiders to make good things happen. And in case you didn't notice, I ramble. But enough for now. I sometimes forget to eat when I'm working. I'm hungry.


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