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Selected Directing Quotes

Gary Imhoff, Bridget Hoffman, Alan Safier, Paul Carr, Patrick Cassidy, Steve Jackson Wilde, Jean Kauffman, Sean Smith, John Allee
Timothy Smith, Alan Safier

Assassins by Stephen Sondheim and John Weidman (LA Premiere)


 “A Crackerjack staging by the Los Angeles Repertory Company”  –   Los Angeles Times


 “… Director Peter Ellenstein allows the stark grace of

Sondheim and Weidman’s words and music to own the stage.”  –  LA Weekly


 “Stunning LA premiere production, the performances universally suit the writing…

Peter Ellenstein’s direction masterfully utilizes Sondheim & Weidman’s

wealth of dramatic irony without lapsing into irreverent satire…”  –  Backstage West


 “Director Peter Ellenstein and choreographer Kay Cole evocatively

stage each scene… their work is particularly effective.”  – Daily News


 “Peter Ellenstein’s presentation of Stephen Sondheim’s dark-humored

musical is brutally ironic – but it’s also one of the most intense, satirical,

intelligent, and entertaining shows ever to examine the dark side

of the American dream… Ellenstein’s blocking

is ingenious and witty.”  -- LA Reader


“Assassins is a Slam Bang production… the most

entertaining news you’re likely to hear this year.”   --   Los Angeles Magazine

King Lear by William Shakespeare


 “A handsome Los Angeles Repertory Company revival delivers

an insightful production that achieves grandeur…

director Peter Ellenstein’s well paced staging honors the all

important text, especially in giving proper weight to the play’s

most theatrically resonant words… Ellenstein renders the journey

with admirable clarity at each step.”   – Los Angeles Times


“There is a refreshing simplicity to Peter Ellenstein’s spartan

staging…  the emphasis here isn’t on flashy stagecraft or elaborate

sets, but on the actors, who rather deserve the attention…  an energy

and craft that are simply infectious” –  LA Weekly


Jeremiah Lorenz, Erin Cronican
Martina Paz, Bridget Hoffman, Julia Glander & Robert Ellenstein

The Last 5 Years  by Jason Robert Brown


“Shrewdly guided by director Peter Ellenstein”                  

- San Diego Union-Tribune


“the unique perspective creates a whole new bittersweet

feeling throughout, culminating with a surprisingly touching final moment nicely staged by Director Peter Ellenstein.” 

- San Diego Playbill

Dos Corazones by Richard Hellesen


 “Poignantly directed by Peter Ellenstein,

profoundly performed…”   –   Los Angeles Times


 “Director Peter Ellenstein’s work with both women showers

their characters with the compassion such a story demands,

making “Dos Corazones” the linchpin of this festival.”  

–    Orange County Register


 “A tender portrait with luminous performances

skillfully directed by Peter Ellenstein.”  --   LA Weekly

Reo Danzelle, Robert Ellenstein, John Herzog
Paul Carr, John Herzog

Rocket to the Moon by Clifford Odets


 “This production, directed by Peter Ellenstein, makes Odets play

about dreams and middle-aged romance seem as relevant today as

in 1938… the play literally crackles like

a rocket to the moon.”  –   Los Angeles Times


 “Peter Ellenstein’s direction propels the three-act play along

its seamless and smooth flight by creating a visceral sense of

the outside world despite its office setting…  The acting is exemplary…

this Rocket to the Moon soars with stellar intensity.”  -   Drama-Logue


 “Ellenstein’s direction is impeccable as the action never lags.”   --  The Tolucan


 “a first class revival, Rocket to the Moon still works when it

is done well, and it most assuredly is here.”  --  Tom Hattan, KNX News Radio

Touched: The Last 2,000 Heartbeats of William Inge

 by Marcia Cebulska


I haven't stopped thinking about "Touched" since I saw

it Friday night. It is deeply moving and deserves

a wider audience…”                 - Topeka Capitol Journal 


"What [Cebulska] and Ellenstein have come up with

goes light years beyond a didactic show-and-tell

for the classroom...  great depth of feeling... 

with a deftness and sureness

that makes such legardemain look easy.  ...a veritable

tour-de-force of acting virtuousity." -- Daily Reporter

Carmen Thomas, John Herzog
John Herzog, Carmen Thomas
Justin DuPuis, Isabelle Scroggie, Adam Wulf

Gathering Blue

adapted by Richard Hellesen,

Michael Silversher & Joy Sikorski


"Please avail yourself of the rare opportunity to see  the birth of a wonderful new musical – not just for kids but for parents and grandparents as well...  I encourage you to attend this outstanding musical and theatrical event for the entire family. 

-- Daily Reporter


“It’s an incredible show… I won't even attempt to

describe it here but the performance of The Singer, wearing the robe, at The Gathering, is breathtakingly staged; the reactionof the audience (which included me) was palpable---we were all stunned, I think” 

-- Lois Lowry

double Newbury Award-winner,

  • author of best-selling novel,

  • "The Giver" & “Gathering Blue

Stuart Little

adapted from E.B. White,

by Joseph Robinette & Ronna Frank

...delightful production avoids getting too preachy by focusing on the performers.  Director Peter Ellenstein has gathered an enormously talented group of 13 young people and emphasized sincere interpretations of the characters... He also cleverly plays with perspective... -- The Boston Globe


I was impressed, delighted, enthralled and enchanted.  I knew of the story, having read to book to my sons many years ago.  The talented actors and creative team of BCT made the story leap off of the page and into the hearts of the audience members. -- The White Rhino Report

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