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Projects in Development:

"Paternity Issues" an unexpected play about a new kind of family.

"The Beginning, the End, and Everything In Between"  a series of short plays that explain the world by award-winning playwrights and scientists.

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Award-winning director, producer and educator.

Rave Reviews

"Directed by Peter Ellenstein... This play is timely and compelling."

E.H Reiter,

"This filmed play is scads more absorbing than the ubiquitous Zoom theater projects out there. It’s nearly two hours of tense confrontation between two towering historical figures... The drama demands strict attention from viewers ...the story is one of enduring importance."

-David L. Coddon, San Diego Union-Tribune

"If you love theatrical productions, North Coast Repertory Theatre, in Solana Beach, has

just the play for you. Not only is this a chance to see a beautifully directed and produced play, but the choice for their production could not have been more appropriate for this time in our nation’s history." 

-Tom Robertson, Vista Press

"Necessary Sacrifices. Masterful Acting. Powerful Content. North Coast Repertory has outclassed the rest of the county theatres in these uncertain times by producing quality entertainment worth paying for online, which can be conveniently enjoyed on your schedule."

- Kathy Carpenter, Splash Magazine


"Director, Peter Ellenstein, captivatingly stages the playwright's dramatization of real events... the results are compelling.  Ellenstein's interpretation emphasizes the importance of social change and hope for equality, whether it be in 1864 or 2020."

David Dixon, Sand Diego Story

"If you like to take the long view of history, and consider how the past informs the present; not to mention seeing what great statesmen look like, you'll enjoy this production."

Pat Launer, Times of San Diego 

“Live streaming works beautifully with NCRT’s theatrical production of Necessary Sacrifices. This captivating performance offers a fascinating look into the hearts, souls, and thought processes of Frederick Douglas and President Abraham Lincoln ... The acting is mesmerizing and will keep you on the edge of your seat. It’s really nice to see how well masterful live stage performances, such as this, work really well on your computer or TV screen at home.”

- Andy Lee, Publisher, North County Sun

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